In September 2014 the German language imprint Endeavour Press Germany was established. We publish original editions as well as out of print books and also do German translations of Endeavour Press’ original titles. We concentrate mostly on women’s fiction, crime novels and thrillers and historical books (fiction and non-fiction). We are also planning a Germany based office in the not too distant future.

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Venture Press is a Science Fiction and Fantasy imprint of Endeavour Press. Our commitment is to rediscover and reinvigorate classic books, giving new life to esteemed novels in the digital age. Connect with us on the adventure through social media, the Venture Press blog and newsletter so that you never miss one of the enthralling books we’ll be publishing every week. Broaden your horizons by delving back into the past and forward into the future, as Venture Press explores and reclaims those novels hidden in time and the talented authors that brought them to life.

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Albion is an independent ebook publisher of classic books that have fallen out of print but deserve to be read once again. From brilliant biographies of figures across the ages to moving memoirs, Albion Press, breathes a new lease of life into books that have been left to gather dust. Sign up to our newsletter so you never miss a book.

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Pioneering Press is an independent publisher of both new and old western novels. From classic showdowns set in the post-Civil War era, to rip-roaring adventures on the American frontier, Pioneering Press is dedicated to capturing the history and spirit of the Old West and bringing it into the twenty-first century. Sign up to our newsletter to ensure that you never miss a book!

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 The Odyssey Press is an independent publisher of both new and old literary fiction novels and biographies. From classic and enlightening biographies of our most celebrated and beloved writers such as D.H. Lawrence and Dylan Thomas, to modern and moving literary tales, The Odyssey Press is dedicated to capturing the poignancy and enjoyment of all things literary and bringing it into the twenty-first century.

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Five years after it launched, the UK’s leading independent eBook publisher, Endeavour Press, is launching a full-scale print division: Endeavour Ink. Endeavour Ink will publish a full range of fiction by well-established authors, in genres such as crime, thrillers, historical fiction, historical romance and women’s fiction.
The imprint will take Endeavour Press out of the Kindle store and into the bookshops.

Endeavour Ink has already commissioned a range of titles from bestselling authors. The Sunday Times bestseller, Sarah Gristwood, will be writing a revelatory literary novel about Mary Seton; and Michael Arnold will be writing a fiction series based on the life of Thomas Beckett.

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Endeavour Press Creative works with companies to produce custom, branded ebooks designed to engage with their consumers through a modern medium. We work with an extensive team of writers to produce content tailored to each partner or we can also turn existing corporate content into an ebook format.

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