Written in Blood by David McGlone

Aldous ‘Al’ Andrews is a psychologist. Having worked on some high-profile murder cases, he’s gained some fame. Now, his own past is in question…

Al’s wife Anne and her lover Steve disappeared many years earlier, on a trip to Boston.

One of the men he helped put away, a serial killer named Mark Rennie, insists Al killed them.

And now DCI Marlin is looking into matters. Just as he’s asking Al some uncomfortable questions, a body is found at a home in Stratford, a home, curiously enough, once owned by Al.

But when another body shows up, and Al can’t remember what he did, things are as scary as they were when Rennie was hunting them.

But Rennie’s dead, isn’t he?

When the body found at Al’s old flat turns out to be a former cop, no one knows what to think.

But when bodies start showing up with numbers painted above them, and Marlin discovers the victims are all connected to Al and Rennie, it starts to look like a hit list of some kind.

Al and Lara decide to go away for the weekend to escape and when Al is identified by a beautiful woman, Sarah, alarm bells ring, and he knows she is connected to Rennie.

But how? And what does she want?

As the body count rises, Marlin grows more and more convinced that his friend Al might have a few demons in his own past, especially when Al’s wife Anne and her lover Steve are found dead.

But if Rennie is going to be stopped, Marlin needs Al’s help to get inside his mind.

All too soon it becomes apparent that Sarah is not just a pretty face.

And now that she and Rennie are a couple, who knows what they will do, or if they’ll ever be caught…

Written in Blood is a chilling crime thriller filled with dark twists and turns.

David McGlone is a Scottish author based in London. From short stories to novellas and novels he has covered a wide range of genres from humour to thriller via tragedy and sci-fi. Written in Blood, released in 2015 as Death Masque, is the third book in a crime trilogy which began with Ashes and Bone, originally published as When Death Knows Your Name in 2013 and continued with Deadly Intent, originally published as Death’s Lacuna in 2014. David has a wide range of other published works in a varied range of genres.

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