I Will Maintain by Marjorie Bowen

For one to succeed, another must fall…

William of Orange became king of England, defeated the French and restored the protestant faith.

But as a young man he was both pupil and prisoner of John de Witt, the leader of the Dutch Republic.

Although they spent much of their lives as enemies, the two men could never bring themselves to hate each other.

Both were proud leaders, but the rise of one would always mean the fall of the other.

And unlike de Witt, the prince had the support of the people.

William is an enigma.

To the French he is a potential ally, a cousin of Louis XIV. To the people he is hope and a chance for change.

And for de Witt, William of Orange is the most dangerous man alive.

With the people against him, and the French storming the borders, de Witt soon becomes a desperate man.

The prince, meanwhile, must make his choice – side with the French, end the war and become a king, or side with the people and continue a desperate war full of nothing but uncertainty…

In I Will Maintain, Marjorie Bowen brings the tale of William of Orange to life in a new and exciting way, exposing the infamous rivalry that dominated 17th century England.

Marjorie Bowen was born in 1885 and is one of many pseudonyms the writer Margaret Gabrielle Vere Campbell Long used. She was one of Britain’s most prolific authors of the twentieth century. Writing was more than just a hobby: her works were the primary source of financial support for her family. Between 1906 and her death in 1952, Bowen wrote over 150 books, garnering much acclaim for her popular histories and historical and Gothic romances. Alongside masterful descriptions and concise, efficient prose, she deftly rendered larger-than-life subjects in the minds of her readers. To this day, aficionados of the genres covet Bowen’s work. Her other titles include The Sword Decided, Mary Queen of Scots, The Queen’s Caprice, The Governor of England, Mistress Nell Gwynn and Dickon.

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