The Wheel of Fortune by James Pattinson

The ocean is calling…

John Baxter is not truly a seaman. John had served on a destroyer during the war and since then had gone back to work in the bank with his father.

But no longer content with the daily office grind, he sets out to find work on the open ocean.

Leaving behind his wife, Constance, and his job, he sets sail with The Wheel of Fortune.

John finds himself sharing a bunk with experienced seaman Laratee and after the two get talking, John soon discovers the strange man’s dark past.

Not only does Laratee – a man so thin that one might have thought his body was just a bundle of sticks held together by clothes – look strange, but he also drinks.

And drinks and drinks and drinks…

Although, a man with as many skeletons in his closet would do no different.

Soon however, it isn’t just their own personal demons they must battle, but the volatile nature of the open ocean, where no-one is safe…

The Wheel of Fortune tells the story of an old steamer and her crew’s battle for survival on the rough and dangerous seas.


James Pattinson (1915-2009) was a full-time author who, despite having travelled throughout the world, lived in the remote village where he grew up. He wrote magazine articles, short stories and radio features as well as numerous novels including Crane and The Silent Voyage.


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