The Weekend Girls by John Burke

‘Extremely readable’ Sunday Times

That was Tuesday evening – the day after a middle-aged man with melancholy eyes followed Gillian from the train.

On Wednesday, this lovely, neurotic girl disappears …

Everyone else thought Gillian would soon reappear to plague them, but Meg, her warm-hearted flatmate, was worried.

Seeing the mysterious stranger again, this time in the company of another attractive young girl, Meg decides to take matters into her own hands and investigate further.

But it’s not long before Meg finds herself at the centre of a deadly charade.

Will her search for the truth prove deadly, or will she too simply disappear along with the other Weekend Girls…?

John Burke (1922-2011) was born in Sussex and served in the Royal Air Force and Royal Marines during World War Two. He wrote several crime novels and thrillers under the names Jonathan Burke, J.F. Burke and John Burke, including Swift Summer (1949), which won the Atlantic Award in Literature. Some of his other novels appeared under the pseudonyms of Joanna Jones, Sara Morris, Jonathan George and Owen Burke.

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