The Voyage by Christopher Nicole

The voyage of a lifetime was not what Detective Sergeant Jessica Jones was expecting when she was kidnapped.

Michael had everything down to the finest detail. All he needed was a smooth execution and he would be on his way. Ten years in prison for a crime he never committed was not something he took lightly. Detective Jones had ruined his life – but she was beautiful and he was ready for her – ready for her to suffer as he did all those years he was locked up.

Jessica wakes up on a boat. Groggy and sea-sick, she is astounded at how she let this monster kidnap her. All her years of training and experience had done nothing to prevent this happening. How could she have let her guard down?

Held captive, Jessica is desperate. But despite the rapes and brutality of her kidnapping, Jessica and Michael soon forced to come to an understanding in order to survive the terrible sea storms they run into. Jessica is no fool. She knows she is no match for Michael, and returning the brutality she’d received held no pleasure for her. And, despite her torment, she did send the wrong man to prison all those years ago.

But as the months continue to pass, the little boat, loses its fight. Nature prevails, leaving Michael and Jessica stranded. How long can they last with so little food and water? They are miles away from land or civilisation. Death is their only certainty… until a golden beach presents itself…

About the author…

Christopher Nicole’s novels have been read by millions all over the world. From Severn House, his McGann family chronicles concluded with Raging Sea, Searing Sky, The Passion and The Glory, whilst more recent publications have included The Triumph, Dragon’s Blood and The Command.

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