The Unknown by James Pattinson

A picture can hide a thousand stories…

It was Mrs Craydon who’d started digging up the family history. Everyone seemed to be doing it these days, and once she got into it, she became more and more enchanted by her project. Even her husband George gets into it, after coming across an ancient photograph of an attractive girl.

The pair become fascinated by the girl in the photo, and ask the picture’s owner, Great-Aunt Maud, about her life. The only snag is that Great-Aunt Maud has no idea what happened to her – no one does! The only thing Maud can tell them is her name: Isabella.

Apparently Isabella vanished without a trace one day, and has since become known by the family only as The Unknown. This is the one mystery George should probably leave alone… But he can’t stop himself…

James Pattinson (1915-2009) was a full-time author who, despite having travelled throughout the world, lived in the remote village where he grew up. He wrote magazine articles, short stories and radio features as well as numerous novels including Crane and The Silent Voyage.

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