Tuscan Roots by Angela Petch

1943, occupied Italy

Ines Santini lived an idyllic and sheltered existence in the Tuscan hills until WWII reached her quiet town. She meets Norman, an escaped British POW, and their lives become entangled in a struggle against the larger forces of the war.

Years later, Anna, their daughter, sets out to unravel the mystery of her parents’ fate. All she has to go on are a handful of old letters and photographs left to her after her mother’s death. Anna travels to the beautiful Tuscan Apennines, where the story unfolds. In researching her parents’ past, she will discover secrets about them, the war, and herself, which will change her life forever…

Angela Petch lives half the year in Tuscany and the other six months in West Sussex. An incurable people-watcher, she believes there are still many untold stories out there waiting to be shared. So she is quite unashamed about striking up conversation with strangers whenever she travels. A prize-winning author, Tuscan Roots is her first novel and forms part of a two-part series set in the stunning Tuscan region.

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