Treason by Meredith Whitford

It was a time of war.

A time of battles.

And a time of Treason. 

As the Lancastrian forces struggle to win the English crown in the War of the Roses, a young man’s life is ripped apart.

Martin Rosbart sees his parents killed and his home destroyed. 

He is orphaned and alone. 

He signs up to serve with his cousins, the Yorkist kings Edward IV and Richard III. 

And the boy becomes first a man – and then a soldier. 

But on the blood-soaked battlefields of the War of the Roses, he learns the true cost of loyalty and of love. 

And he learns the true meaning of betrayal. 

‘Treason’ is a meticulously research and brilliantly written story that brings the War of the Roses vividly to life – and sheds new light on Richard III, one of English history’s greatest 

It is a sweeping historical adventure story that is perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Robyn Young and Simon Scarrow. 

treasoncoverTreason is the winner of the SimeGen Reviewers Choice Award and the EPPIE Award for Historical Fiction 

‘I so much enjoyed reading Treason’ – Elizabeth George, best-selling author of the Inspector Lynley mysteries. 

‘Sweeping, grand, ambitious … a fascinating historical novel, a wonderful work of fiction, and a romance of ages.’ — Kara L Wolf

‘Sublime … historical fact melds seamlessly with historical fiction.’ — Historical Novel Society Review. 

‘Treason is a lesson in history and storytelling, marrying one to the other with skill and bloody effectiveness.’ – Richard Foreman, author of Augustus: Son of Rome.

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