Three Lions of England by Patrick Cinnamond

1381. Kent.

After 15 long years at war, veteran Wat Tyler lives in peace on his Tonbridge farm with his daughter Sophia.Then the poll tax collectors come calling.

They do not believe Sophia is 15, under age for the tax and perform an examination of maidenhood. Witnessing his daughter being sexually assaulted, Wat kills the tax collector and a Royal Serjeant-at-arms in the service of his former captain, Sir Robert Knolles.

Now, Wat is an outlaw, and reckons his only option is to return to fight in the Free Companies, but then, all the villagers rally round him.

Word spreads, and in no time, he becomes the figurehead for an armed uprising against the government of the boy King Richard II and its corrupt, war-profiteering ministers.

In Maidstone, Wat tries to convince his old comrade, archer Jack Straw, to go to Flanders, but Jack wants to fight for justice.

And so does the infamous firebrand priest, John Ball, who names Wat the Captain of Kent.

John Ball has a masterplan, many years in the making. To muster an army of archers on the Blackheath. March on London, lay siege, and enter the city. Force a meeting with King Richard to demand for justice for all. Execute the treasonous ministers who have corrupted the realm.

Will King Richard listen to the protests of his people?

Can Wat, Jack and John, these Three Lions of England, lead their army to victory before Sir Robert Knolles and the treasonous ministers violently put down the rising?

Three Lions of England is a vivid historical tale filled with engaging characters and period detail.

Patrick Cinnamond is an author and screenwriter. He studied Modern History at The Queens University of Belfast, and holds a Masters in Creative Writing with distinction from the No. 1 writing course in the UK, Bath Spa University.

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