Stone Cold by Peter Taylor

The fight is never finished …

Former gypsy prize-fighter, Henry Torrance, is about to be released from prison where he has been serving time for killing fellow bare-knuckle fighter Bull Jackson.

He’s determined to get his life on track and settle down with his girlfriend Mary – but certain people from his past aren’t ready to let him move on just yet.

The criminal Jackson family are insistent that Henry fight their latest protege and Henry’s brother and father, from whom he is estranged, accept the challenge on his behalf.

Henry is determined not to go back to his old ways but, as the day of the big fight draws closer, the pressure on him is mounting.

Will he ever find a way to escape his dark past?

Peter Taylor is a prolific Black Horse Western and crime thriller writer whose previous novels include Trails of Fate, The Long Ride Back, and Stitched.

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