Star Lovers by Judy Flower

What does your sign say about you? And, more intriguingly, what does it say about your lover?

Star Lovers is the latest book from professional astrologer Judy Flower. Designed to give you the latest and most accurate information on, not only each star sign, but how each sign interacts in a romantic capacity.

For instance, did you know that Aries are passionate enthusiasts; Scorpios like money but worry about it running out; Sagittarians have the best smiles; Capricorns have dry wit and common sense; Taureans tend to be very good looking; Libras ooze charm and diplomacy; Pisces have a vulnerable heart; Aquarius is the best sign for a one night stand; or that Gemini and Cancer are chalk and cheese?

And there is so much more to know! Dip into Star Lovers and learn more about sign compatibility in this well-written, informative, and above all fun guide.

Judy Flower is a well-respected astrologer who has been working with clients for over 30 years. Her special interest has always been in relationships and how a little knowledge of astrology can be beneficial to all partnerships.

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