Stalin as Revolutionary by Robert C Tucker

The first of two biographical volumes, Professor Robert C. Tucker examines Stalin’s life from his first revolutionary years until the end of the 1920’s.

This important period of his life is the key to understanding how a dictator is formed, and how such a totalitarian regime was created. With an in-depth analysis of Stalin’s personality, against the background of a historical examination of Soviet society, this well researched text helps us to understand how and why Stalinism occurred.

Stalin becomes less of a mysterious figure, as Tucker’s research is able to reveal the main personality traits and believes that aided him in becoming a leader. These paired with his political and social tactics are revealed to be the key to how he became such a prominent figure.

This book is written in a way that allows us to understand the events that led up to one of the 20th century’s most devastating spectacles. Intelligent and informative, Tucker’s take on this political figure is highly interesting and incredibly well written.

Robert C. Tucker (1918 – 2010) was a distinguished Sovietologist at Princeton University who’s Stalin biographies commanded wide attention. He was called ‘one of the greatest students of Stalin and Stalinism’ by diplomat and Russian scholar George F. Kennan. His books are still used in college classrooms today, praised by college professors. Stalin as Revolutionary was to be the first of a trilogy, but writers block meant he only wrote two books.

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