Silvergarth by Sheila Spencer Smith

Having spent several years in London, pursuing a successful career as a watercolour artist, Andrea returns to her native Yorkshire in the wake of a family tragedy. 

Already bereaved of her parents, Andrea has now lost her aunt and, as if to rub salt in the wound, the house the family once shared has been broken into and vandalised. And so she returns, initially just to clear up the mess, but it soon becomes clear that Yorkshire is where her heart and her future lie.

Yet just as it seems that the last of Andrea’s old life is slipping away, the ghosts of the past come back to haunt her. In particular, she is reunited with her talented but spiteful sister, Nadine, and her long-time admirer, Stephen, a young but frail man who seems reluctant to accept that Andrea cannot love him.

Amidst all of this, a very new figure — the ruggedly handsome and enigmatic Tom — appears in her life and suddenly, Andrea’s future takes on a host of fresh and different possibilities…

Silvergarth is a short but evocative romantic novel, that brings the glorious Yorkshire countryside, and the warmth and grit of its people, vividly to life. It will appeal to lovers of romantic fiction and anybody who is looking for a light, but absorbing and enjoyable, read.

About the author…

Sheila Spencer-Smith was born in Dorset, but spent many happy holidays in Cornwall when bringing up her young family, and it was here and in the Derby Dales she began to write fiction for children. Later she started writing for adults and has since become a popular and prolific author of romantic fiction. For her, place and atmosphere are a real inspiration for her writing. She is also the author of A Promise for Tomorrow, Illusions of Love and Waiting for Love.

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