The Silver City by Pamela Belle

Can one person save an entire city…?

On the harsh steppes of another world lives Halthris – Tanathi by birth and a fearsome huntress by nature and nurture.
Used to life in the wild, Halthris knows relatively little of life in the Silver City of Zithirian.

One day, however, all of that changes.

When Halthris and her brother encounter the Ska’i, a terrifying race of warriors who proudly display their victims’ severed heads, they learn of their plan to invade Zithirian and the surrounding lands. And so the race is on to warn the Tanathi tribe before it’s too late.

Halthris is despatched to Zithirian where she tells Ansaryon, Prince of Zithirian, of the coming danger. Despite the many differences between the pampered prince and the warrior woman, they form a bond and Halthris thinks her message has been heard.

But she can sense that all is not well in the Silver City.

The Royal family seems to have fallen into psychological and moral decay — and there are strange forces at play within the city walls.

When the Ska’i eventually arrive it is easy — too easy — for them to invade and take over Zithirian, and to plunge the city’s people into suffering.

Escaping by the narrowest of margins, Halthris and Ansaryon know that they must return and save the people.
But how…?

Their quest to save Zithirian takes them across a vast empire, from arctic cold to sweltering heat, vast riches to desolation and poverty, and from love to hate and back again.

Rallying forces from across the empire, along with the magical powers of sorcery, Halthris and Ansaryon finally return to Zithirian.

But what they find, stops them dead in their tracks…

The Silver City is a compelling fantasy novel that takes the reader on a journey across new lands and into new minds. It is the first book in The Silver City Trilogy.

Pamela Belle was born and bred in Suffolk, the daughter of a local prep school headmaster. She went to the University of Sussex, and went on to become a primary school teacher. She is also the author of the bestselling Heron Saga.

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