The Seven Queens of England by Geoffrey Trease

The inspiring story of the seven queens of England and their place in their country’s history. 

An informative and compelling insight into the seven historic women who have independently ruled England. From Maud, the first women to ever have claim to the throne, all the way to Elizabeth II, whose life still appears on our television screens today. Each Queen is as rare as the one before her, but with ever increasing pressure to do better than the last.

Let yourself be swept away by the conflicts and hardships that come with being a female ruler in a male-dominated world. Stand with Maud as she fights for her rightful place, be inspired by Elizabeth I by her passion for learning, and grow with Victoria as she learns who she must be. This book tells of the real people behind the crown, and the struggles they endured to get where they deserved to be.

Unlike your typical history book, Geoffrey Trease offers a unique insight into these seven extraordinary women by including childhood anecdotes and personal points of view. Perfect for fans of Marjorie Bowen, Christopher Hibbert, and Karen Dolby.

About the author…

Geoffrey Trease (1909-1998) was the author of more than one hundred books, including children’s books. He revolutionised children’s literature and was one of the first authors to deliberately appeal to both boys and girls through strong leading characters of both genders. In 1966 Trease won the New York Herald Tribune Book Award for This is Your Century. Geoffrey Trease was educated at Oxford University and travelled widely in Europe and beyond. He lived in Herefordshire on the slopes of the Malvern Hills.

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