Seven Kings of England by Geoffrey Trease

An accompaniment to his previous history, The Seven Queens of England, Geoffrey Trease’s second volume of England’s monarchy provides a fascinating insight into the lives of Britain’s seven most captivating Kings.

Carefully selected for the dramatic quality of their lives and the interest of their characters, The Seven Kings of England spans the monarchy from ninth-century King Alfred the Great, all the way to William III in the 17th century.

Told as a narrative, it’s easy to get caught up in each of the King’s personal histories. Alfred, the youngest of the family, had a special place in his parents’ affection. William, the self-made king, fell in love with a tanner’s daughter. And Charles, the sickly boy, could barely walk or talk. From Trease’s unique humanisation of these famous historical figures, readers are permitted access to the real people behind the crown.

Rich in detail, The Seven Kings of England is superbly informative and refreshing to read. Perfect for fans of Peter Ackroyd, Reza Aslan, and A. J. Pollard.

About the author…

Geoffrey Trease (1909-1998) was the author of more than one hundred books, including children’s books. He revolutionised children’s literature and was one of the first authors to deliberately appeal to both boys and girls through strong leading characters of both genders. In 1966 Trease won the New York Herald Tribune Book Award for This is Your Century. Geoffrey Trease was educated at Oxford University and travelled widely in Europe and beyond. He lived in Herefordshire on the slopes of the Malvern Hills.

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