Seeking Clemency by Joy Martin

An empty house. A secret room. The key to a tragic Irish past.

Married and living comfortably in Berkshire, Caroline Tremain has succeeded in turning her strange Irish childhood into a series of dinner anecdotes with which to amuse her friends.

But when she receives a phone call from Marie-Rose Keane, her grandmother’s former maid, to say that her aunt Constance Conroy has died, painful memories of her childhood come hurtling back…

With her trademark wit and poignancy, Joy Martin’s Seeking Clemency will leave you moved, and filled with the lingering vibrant images of a bygone Ireland.

Joy Martin was born in Limerick. She trained as a journalist and worked on Dublin’s Evening Press, then moved to writing news for the Zambia Broadcasting Corporation and the BBC Home and External Services. She has broadcast in Ireland, Zambia, South Africa and Britain. She is the acclaimed author of A Wrong to Sweeten and The Moon is Red in April.

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