Royal Intrigues by Marjorie Bowen

These three stories of the French aristocracy by Marjorie Bowen are collected here for the first time.


France, 1759.

As the commoners plot to overthrow the aristocracy, Eugénie embarks on a dangerous and forbidden relationship with one of France’s most cruel nobles, defying bother her father and her ruthless sister, Pélagie.

Swept up by jealousy, lust and passion, they are all blind to the darkness that is creeping over them – the shaow of the guillotine. With France in ruins, they are forced to accept that nothing will ever be the same again…


France 1845. An infamous love triangle has developed beneath the elegant veneer of Parisian society.

Ambitious governess Lucille Dellebeyme fights to secure a position in an aristocratic Paris household. Sensing the weakness of her employer, Madame Fanny du Boccage, she ruthlessly schemes to capture the heart of her husband, Duc du Boccage.

As the people of France prepare to topple the throne, the two women, Lucille and Fanny, begin a desperate battle for the man they both love. With such violent passions unleashed, it can only end one way…


A chance remark leads detectives investigating a series of gruesome murders in Paris to a strange, deadly poison – and to a ring of Satanists, whose members include the aristocracy.

Behind the brilliant façade of Louis XIV’s flamboyant court at Versailles, the poisoners perform their scandalous rituals: Black Masses in fetid cellars, macabre killings – even the sacrifice of newborn babies.

The Sun King himself is in deadly danger, completely unaware that one of his mistresses may be furtively plotting his assassination…

Marjorie Bowen was born in 1885 and often wrote under the pseudonym Margaret Gabrielle Vere Campbell Long. She was one of Britain’s most prolific authors of the twentieth century. Writing was more than just a hobby: her works were the primary source of financial support for her family. Between 1906 and her death in 1952, Bowen wrote over 150 books, garnering much acclaim for her popular histories and historical and Gothic romances. Alongside masterful descriptions and concise, efficient prose, she deftly rendered larger-than-life subjects in the minds of her readers. To this day, aficionados of the genres covet Bowen’s work. Her other titles include The Sword Decided, Mary Queen of Scots, The Queen’s Caprice, The Governor of England, Mistress Nell Gwyn and Dickon.

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