Rome Unbound: Whispers of Rebellion by Christopher Buckner

64 AD.

It has been over a century since Caesar first landed on Britain’s shores.

Now Rome has conquered the savage land, but civil unrest still prevails.

Quintus Liberius Verus, a newly assigned centurion to the Ninth Legion, has been sent from Judea to take up a new post in Britain.

A distinguished soldier, who rose from optio to centurian, achieving the prestigious rank of pilus prior for his work in the legion, he has decided he needs a change.

Where better than the edge of the world to start anew?

Britain, the mysterious island spoken of more in myth than reality, is still wild and untamed. Though Rome had come to these strange isles decades before – her legions spilling native blood, putting down revolts and building huge cities – the land is still savage and uncivilized.

When Verus arrives, he realises the situation in Britain is unstable. The natives are still resentful of their captors – the embers of war are burning deep below the surface.

Can Verus help keep the peace in these uncertain times?

Or will he be powerless to stop the Whispers of Rebellion?

Rome Unbound: Whispers of Rebellion

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