Risky Mission by Dan Latus

Business for self-employed private security man Frank Doy has reached rock bottom until a mysterious woman arrives at his small cottage with an offer he cannot refuse…

He is unaware of where and who he is taking on this trip across Europe, but even after receiving a stern warning from her husband who is a notorious gangster, Frank commits to the trip and its reward.


The group begin their unexplained trip with an overnight ferry across the North Sea, but not all the passengers on board, make it to their destination.

Who is trying to get to them, and more so why?

Vlasta, the organiser is anxious as they speed towards Eastern Europe. Only she is aware of the risks involved, but soon everybody in the car will realise too.

A large bag, stuffed with cash sits in the boot of the car, as off a road car attempts to takes Frank and his party off the road. A high-speed struggle begins.

Frank demands answers yet Vlasta says nothing.

He’s not stupid, he knows Henry George, her husband and his ruthless mob after them, but he has a job to do. Protecting them is his main priority. Questions after.

As they continue, more bad news floods in and Frank knows things are starting to get very serious.

With a cop friend back in the UK, he feels confident he can handle the situation and be the hero.

The discovery of two slaughtered bodies related to Vlasta makes the situation very real. The disappearance of her children and the lost bag full of cash is the final straw.

Back in the UK, and with her past haunting, she finally starts to speak. Frank must leave her behind, even after their romantic moment and go on a one-man mission to find what’s not his.

Going on what he’s been told, he soon starts to question everything she has ever told him.

Now trusting only himself, he stocks up on weapons and organises one final showdown.

Risky Mission is a fast paced, gripping thriller, that will keep you questioning the truth from start to finish.

Dan Latus is the pseudonym of the writer Ian Bullock. Latus grew up in Teesside, England. He left school at 15 and soon found his way onto a Geography course – following his passion for the outdoors – at Leeds University, followed by courses in Canada and Newcastle upon Tyne. After leaving academia Latus embarked on a career in regional and strategic planning in N.E England and in Calgary, Canada. He now has four children and lives with his wife in Northumberland.

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