Rejerrah by Desmond Harding

Rejerrah Penhaze has been the most famous model in the world for the last twenty years.

As the international face of Noble Cosmetics her face shone out from a thousand beauty counters. But at forty, Noble decides she is too old and fires her. Her lover and business manager, Rowan Hickey, has invested her earnings brilliantly and made her one of the richest women in fashion.

But through her entire career she has been haunted by a nightmare of the night during the Milan fashion week when she was almost raped by Count Benvenuto Bardi. But while her clever escape spared her, it also made Bardi a figure of fun among his wellborn Milanese friends, and turned Rejerrah into an object of hate.

Sick of the fashion industry, Rejerrah decides to retire to her beloved Cornwall and use her wealth to restore her family’s crumbling four-hundred-year-old manor house.

Unfortunately, she is thwarted at every turn. By her cousin Lander who thinks the family house should have gone to him; by Hannah, the American with a mysterious past; and by Count Benvenuto Bardi, who is still determined on revenge as a way of erasing his humiliation.

Will Rejerrah finally be able to escape the industry she hates but still have enough money to restore the house to its former glory?

Desmond Harding has been a professional writer all his life. First as a journalist for such papers as the Sunday Telegraph, Glasgow Herald, Yorkshire Post and the Sheffield Telegraph, and then in public relations with some of the largest corporate names on both sides of the Atlantic. He now writes full time from his house in West Cornwall.

As a journalist he specialised in business, industry and politics. His time on Fleet Street and with multi-nationals gave him a unique picture of how businesses operate and businessmen behave. His interest in the business world has continued and he now writes thrillers set in that same world.

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