The Quiet Rebel by Desiree Meyler

Yorkshire, 1914.

Clara Howdale lives a subservient life underneath her father, a rich and stubborn man who wants to marry her off to the highest bidder.

But Clara has a mind of her own, and the way her father treats his employees is slowly starting to change the way she thinks.

Finding kinship with a suffragette, Clara’s eyes are opened, and she sets her sights on overthrowing her father’s outdated way of life and living exactly how she wants.

Achieving her goal is hard, especially when she must protect her sister from a step-mother who isn’t shy of making her feelings heard.

Things become even more complicated when she meets Stephen Cullen, an older, mysterious man who sets her heart aflutter. With the coming war and the battle for women’s rights, will Clara ever be able to be truly free?

The Quiet Rebel is an unputdownable tale of women’s rights, complicated romance, and uplifting change, all set against a backdrop of pre-war Yorkshire. This coming-of-age story is perfect for fans of Elizabeth Harris, Tracy Rees, and shows like Downton Abbey.

About the author…

Désirée Meyler was born into a Pembrokeshire family in west Wales. Studying at the School of Art, Cambridge with Ronald Searle in the late 1930s, she decided to change direction and became a prolific short story writer following the outbreak of World War I. Her first novel, The Quiet Rebel was published in 1970.

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