The Pursuit by Christopher Nicole

Go to Bolivia, pick up the witness and bring them back to England. Jessica Jones knew it could never be as straightforward as that.

Dismissing her parents’ concerns about her impending marriage to a millionaire rancher, Lady Miranda Lichton naively embarks upon her greatest adventure to South America. All too soon, however, the illusion shatters, and to her horror discovers they were right.

Held prisoner by her husband, a drug baron who thinks nothing of torturing or murdering those who get in his way, Miranda sends out a cry for help. In London, her brother approaches Commander Adams of Special Branch’s protection division, and Detective Sergeant Jones is assigned her case.

Assembling her usual team, Jones prepares to enter one of the most dangerous environments on Earth. But Cuesta’s reach is greater than any of them could have imagined, and Jones’s assignment may have been compromised before it’s even begun …

Nicole’s thrilling sequel to The Search continues the Jessica Jones series, perfect for fans of Stieg Larsson and Lars Kepler, and will have you gripped from the first page.

About the author…

Christopher Nicole’s novels have been read by millions all over the world. From Severn House, his McGann family chronicles concluded with Raging Sea, Searing Sky and The Passion and The Glory, whilst more recent publications have included The Triumph, Dragon’s Blood and The Command.

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