The Purple Rock by Angus MacVicar

Reaching out to a stranger…

When Ronald Cooper receives a letter from a man he has never met, the Reverend Macfarlane, he has no idea what to expect.

Upon meeting the clergyman, Ronald discovers that he himself is the only heir to the Macdonell treasure – a hidden treasure worth forty-thousand pounds.

Not only does this mean riches, but also adventure, and Ronald’s heart leaps at the chance.

But then, disaster strikes, as Macfarlane’s beautiful niece Myra is captured by the evil Desmond of Oronach, with only one instruction: Do nothing, or Myra will die.

With the aid of Ronald’s best friend Davie and journalist Andy Watson, the four hatch a plot to save Myra.

And to find the treasure…

But with the stakes so high and the greedy Desmond willing to stop at nothing to get his hands on the gold, will Ronald be able to find his family’s fortune, and save the girl who he is slowly falling for?

The Purple Rock is a classic adventure story with plenty of danger and a thrilling race against the clock.

Angus MacVicar was a Scottish writer specialising in crime thrillers, young adult and autobiography. His other books include The Singing Spider, The Ten Green Brothers and Crime’s Masquerader.

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