The Power Bug by Geoffrey Osbourne

A British scientist formulates a new oil refining technique, based on the use of bugs…

It could change everything.

Only Russia can check the Red Chinese menace, but is Russia the right place to go with this formula?

The scientist must escape from Rangoon to Russia. Soviet agents arrange this, but China, Britain and America are equally determined to get the formula. Who will end up with the formula?

British Secret Serviceman James Dingle has to pit his wits against the Russians, the Chinese and Burma’s formidable counterespionage chief.

Will he succeed, and most of all, will he survive?

A dangerous chase ensues that leads Dingle through Burma and reaches its exciting climax high in the Himalayas.

The Power Bug is a chilling tale of espionage in a race against time, full of suspense until the very last page.


Geoffrey Osborne is an author of suspense thrillers, including Checkmate for China, Death’s No Antidote and Balance of Fear.


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