The Petrograd Consignment by Owen Sela

With one bold, secret stroke, the course of history and the fate of nations is about to change …

1917: along the Western Front, while the Forces of the Allies and the Imperial German Army are locked in deadly stalemate, deep within embattled Germany a fateful decision is reached. No expense will be spared. Russia must be disarmed, removed from combat by aggravating her internal disorders until they explode into the chaos of revolution.

Only one man has the power and vision to do it – V. I. Lenin – and he must be smuggled out of exile and returned to Russia to plant the fatal seeds of upheaval. He is the Petrograd Consignment, part of a desperate attempt to turn the tide of war. From Switzerland to the Russian border, a journey into terror, torture and betrayal begins …

The lives of passionate men and women hang in the balance. As both sides are caught in a ruthless and corrupt battle, love, loyalty and conflicting ideologies unravel to reveal a stunning novel of suspense based on fact more frightening, more startling than fiction.

Owen Sela was born in Sri Lanka where his family wanted him to become an accountant. But he had always wanted to be a writer. Sela went on to write The Kiriov Tapes which has made him a recognised writer of thrillers. Owen Sela now lives in Canada where he continues to write and runs an investment consultancy.

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