Paging Blackshirt by Roderic Jeffries

Judith Armitage is being blackmailed — but the identity of the blackmailer remains unknown. He knows her secret — and so she has no choice but to follow his orders. His latest demand: she is to sell her mother’s jewellery and send him the proceeds. Terrified for her life, Judith sells the jewellery to a local auction house. But when the jewellery is stolen, Judith, with no money to pay the blackmailer, is left in a helpless predicament.

For crime writer Richard Verrell, also known as Blackshirt, life has been quiet and uneventful for too long. The necklace in the auction rooms thus presents the perfect challenge for the seasoned burglar. But Verrell soon finds himself involved in the hunt for a dangerous criminal — Judith’s mystery blackmailer. And it soon appears that the blackmailer has more than one victim …

Roderic Jeffries was born in London in 1926. In 1943 he went to sea with the New Zealand Shipping Company and returned to England in 1949 where he practiced law before starting to write full time. His books have been adapted for film, television, and radio. His father, Graham Jeffries (pseudonym Bruce Graeme), began the Blackshirt series in 1925.

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