When the Old Man Died by Roger Ormerod

An innocent man imprisoned for a murder he didn’t commit…

When Julian Caine was sentenced to life imprisonment for the bloody murder of Eric Prost, Detective Richard Patton thought he had finally closed the case for good.

But when the murder charge is unexpectedly overturned on a technicality a decade later, Patton is forced to revisit the case – and potentially his part in bringing about the wrongful conviction of an innocent man.

Before his death, Chief Superintendent Arthur Pierce, who worked with Patton during the investigation, admitted in a deposition that mistakes were made during the investigation.

And what’s more, Julian Caine – now a free man – demands that Patton prove his innocence and exonerate him.

But with memories fading ten years after the crime, such a request may prove easier said than done.

It is up to Patton to uncover the truth behind the murder – a truth more twisted than anyone could have imagined…

When the Old Man Died is a complex murder mystery with a shocking final twist.


Roger Ormerod (1920-2005) was a prolific writer of ingenious and densely plotted crime novels – some 35 in all – which were published in the UK and the USA. He lived in Wolverhampton and amongst other things worked as a civil servant.


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