Noble Beginnings by Christine Marion Fraser

‘Christine Marion Fraser writes characters so real they almost leap out of the pages… you would swear she must have grown up with them.’ — The Sun

Despite a traumatic childhood, young Anna McIntyre’s indomitable spirit has won her many friends in the Argyllshire village where she lives.

She is liked by everyone, especially by Lady Pandora of the Big House, who sees her young self in this lively girl, and by her nephew Peter, who falls deeply in love with Anna. However, the person who should be closest to her resents her deeply, for reasons she cannot understand…

Roderick McIntyre, her father, is a tyrant, with an insatiable taste for women and a determination to crush Anna’s spirit.

And when a surprise offer promises her the freedom she’s yearned for, Roderick, too, sees his chance – to fulfil an enduring passion – and to shatter Anna’s dreams forever. But Roderick has not counted on the courage of his only daughter, nor on the many enemies he has made in Leannachoran, enemies waiting for revenge…

‘Christine Marion Fraser overcame the vicissitudes of extreme poverty and illness in her early years to write stories which enthralled readers throughout the world and made her one of the most-borrowed Scottish authors in Britain’s libraries.’ – The Scotsman

‘Christine Marion Fraser weaves an intriguing story in which the characters are alive against a spellbinding background’— Yorkshire Herald

Fraser writes with a great depth of feeling and has the knack of making her characters come alive. She paints beautiful pictures of the countryside and their changing seasons — Aberdeen Express

Full-blooded romance, a strong, authentic setting — The Scotsman

About the author…

Christine Marion Fraser was one of Scotland’s best-selling authors, outselling even Catherine Cookson. She published 22 books in 18 years and was the author of the much-loved Rhanna series. Her formative years were spent in the post-war Govan district of Glasgow and went on to become a beacon of Scottish publishing. Christine spent her later life in Argyll with her husband and family.

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