The New Exiles by Roger Neville Williams

The US has created its own military refugee problem

More Americans have fled to Canada because of the Vietnam war than have died in Vietnam. This is the story of that burgeoning exile community now estimated at from 40,000 to 100,000.

An exiled war resister himself, Roger Neville Williams tells how and why the US has lost so many of its most talented, intelligent and aware young men and women to Canada.

Alongside his experiences, thirteen of the draft resisters and deserters report their own highly individual experiences in a series of sometimes startling, often frightening, always candid interviews. The descriptions of how they made the agonizing decision to go, their new lives in exile, and the Canadian reaction to them are at once moving, alarming and thought-provoking.

These dramatic, often emotional personal tales are perfectly complemented by Williams’ systematic history of this profound social phenomenon. With the objective eye of a professional journalist and the keen insights of a fellow refugee, Williams calmly relates the story of the anti-draft and anti-war movements.

Raised in the small Ohio town of Chardon, Roger Neville Williams spent six months motorcycling from Cairo to Capetown; was educated at the University of Colorado and at the University of Neu-chatel, Switzerland; has worked as a tour guide in Europe, as a seaman on the Great Lakes, and as a sailor aboard a schooner in the Bahamas.

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