Never Be Lonely by Pamela Fudge

There was always something missing from her life…

Francesca Dudley had always told herself she didn’t care about the father who abandoned her as a child.

But when she receives a mysterious phone call, she finds herself on the first plane to Canada to attend his funeral.

Having secretly longed for the family she’d never been allowed, she is hurt to discover that he’d gone on to have a whole other family with his new wife.

Worse still, the bombshell drops that his desertion of her may not even have been voluntary.

Jumping straight on a plane to confront her mother, Francesca is blindsided by the revelation that her mother may have cancer.

The timing couldn’t be worse, and she decides to bury her questions for now. But she’s tortured by the constant longing to know who she really is.

Her problems only get worse when her teenaged half-sister travels to England and inserts herself into Francesca’s life with abandon.

Reluctantly juggling her new family, her mother’s potential illness and her possessive ex-husband all at once, the quiet life Francesca once enjoyed couldn’t seem further out of reach.

Never Be Lonely is a moving tale of family and self-discovery.

Pamela Fudge, born in Poole, Dorset is an author, ghost writer and speaker, whose love of poetry initially led her to further explore her talent for creative writing. Having now developed a substantial portfolio of widely-published romance novels, Pam shares her talents with other aspiring writers, tutoring Writing For Pleasure And Profit classes for the local Adult Education Service. She is also a member of Wessex Writers, The Romantic Novelists’ Association, The Society of Women Writers and Journalists and The Society of Authors.

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