Mistakenly in Mallorca by Roderic Jeffries

There is no real justice in the world…

Elvina Woods’s death at her home in Mallorca is sudden and unexpected.

Another few days and her great-nephew would have inherited, through her, enough to buy the English farm he craves.

So when he returns to the house and finds her dead, his first thought is to conceal her death for a short time, his second how to do it.

It is only after that begins to question whether such an action was wise…

But – still grieving for his recently murdered fiancée – John Tatham already has enough reason to despise the law’s insistence on the letter rather than the spirit. And he plans his deception carefully.

Elvina was not exactly popular with the English community on the island, nor with certain Mallorquins. And with her peculiar reputation, oft to acting impulsively, few would enquire about the mad woman if she were not seen around.

And when, later, her body was discovered, her death would be seen to be a fatal accident …

Unfortunately, Tatham fails to reckon with Inspector Alvarez, the local policeman, with whom he has more in common than he thought.

And he fails to reckon with the fact that to a policeman his own role would look highly suspect.

Has Tatham in effect framed himself? And has he, in doing so, inadvertently involved himself in another’s crime?

Mistakenly in Mallorca is filled with ingenious twist and turns that will keep you hooked.


Roderic Jeffries was born in London in 1926 and was educated at Harrow View House Preparatory School and the Department of Navigation, University of Southampton. In 1943, he joined the New Zealand Shipping Company as an apprentice and sailed to Australia and New Zealand, but later transferred to the Union Castle Company in order to visit a different part of the world. He returned to England in 1949 where he was admitted to the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn and read for the Bar at the same time as he began to write. He was called to the Bar in 1953, and after one year’s pupilage, practiced law for a few terms during which time there to write full time. His first book, a sea story for juveniles, was published in 1950.


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