The Merciless Dead by John Burke

What happens when sentiment turns sinister…

Beth Crichton, a PR Officer, has been appointed to work with Ross Foundation. Though excited about the prospect of restoring a Highland croft, which used to be in the Ross Family before they were driven from the Clearances, she is far from surprised as sinister events start to unfold.

The restoration works are being funded by a wealthy overseas descendant who is intent on rebuilding his ancestors’ home. Beth and other experts employed to authenticate and replicate many of the artefacts, find themselves reaching out to Detective Inspector Leslie Gunn, a former historical expert. In fact, Mrs Morwenna Ross insists upon DI Gunn being consulted.

As the race to authenticate and regenerate the ancestral home unfolds, it soon becomes apparent that a rather valuable piece is missing … The Ross Tapestry. Caught up in their tasks, the experts are shocked to hear of a death nearby. When DCI Jack Rutherford begins his enquiries, the seriousness of the crime unnerves the researchers’ household. Especially as the deceased turns out to be a bitter enemy, suspicions are aroused. Soon, the household finds itself embedded in a mesh of suspicion and fear.

When one of the researchers is also found dead, DI Leslie Gunn finds herself shifting from historical expert, to calling on her training in dealing with violent crime.

John Burke was born in Sussex and brought up in Liverpool. During the war he served with the RAF, REME and on attachment to the Royal Marines during the liberation of Europe. He started one of the first science-fiction fan magazines in Britain, The Satellite, and had several short stories published before winning an Atlantic Award in Literature from the Rockefeller Foundation for his first novel, Swift Summer. He is now a full-time author and has had more than 140 books published. He has five daughters and two sons and lives in south-west Scotland with his wife.

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