The Man Who Loved Zoos by Malcolm J Bosse

Warren Shore has not had an easy life…

Orphaned as a child, badly wounded in Vietnam, he has learned the hard way to survive. He is wary, solitary — different. But he is the apple of his aunt Victoria’s eye.

Victoria loves Warren, even when she does not understand him.

And she certainly does not understand the demons that drove him to loot a bus full of dead tourists.

But why were the corpses there in the first place? And why did they end up underwater soon after?

When Warren is killed, and Victoria finds herself holding the loot from the bus, she knows that she must find out more.

The dowdy, widowed librarian decides that she will find out who murdered her nephew, and she will have justice for him.

And in doing so, sets herself on a collision course with some of the shadiest, yet most powerful, forces in the country.

What, for example, is going on at the remote, government-backed bacteriological research facility in Nevada?

Could the mysterious disappearance of its staff and sudden appearance of a new boss be linked to Warren’s fate?

Because even the most powerful in the land must break rules, sometimes … as Alex Boyle knows better than most.

Ostensibly a gallery owner, he has a sideline in assassination. And he must stop Victoria in her tracks.

If he fails, it may be the death of him.

For just as Alex is catching up with Victoria, other forces are catching up with Alex…

The Man Who Loved Zoos is a quirky and compelling story, featuring a range of memorable characters and twists in the tale.

Malcolm Joseph Bosse (1926–2002) was an American author of both young adult and adult novels. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, and is a graduate of Yale University. He served in the US Navy and was also an English teacher in City College of New York in Manhattan. His novels are often set in Asia, and have been praised for their cultural and historical information relating to the character’s adventures. Bosse mostly wrote historical fiction after the publication of The Warlord, which quickly became a bestseller. He also won the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis in 1983. The Journey of Tao Kim Nam was his first novel.

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