Lost Causes by R.H. Nichols

John Buchan is one of the elite. 

Working for a select, top-secret government agency called the Mill, he barely remembers the time before his job became his whole world. His name wasn’t John Buchan then. In those days he was known as Charlie Hook, a rugby-playing, Gurkha officer with an eye for the girls. But Charlie Hook is long dead, and so too are his memories of the events that led to him becoming a professional killing machine.

Buchan is getting older now. Retirement beckons, but the man he calls Control has one last mission for him. It involves a ruthless army of some of the world´s worst terrorists, an equally ruthless drug lord and seemingly insurmountable odds. But it also offers Buchan a last, desperate chance to take revenge on those that took his young life – and love – away from him all those years ago, and he plans to go out with a bang…

Set against a backdrop of unprecedented worldwide socio-political upheaval, Lost Causes moves from the modern-day Ypres Salient and London to the exotic but deadly jungles of Mexico, and will appeal to fans of James Bond or Jack Reacher, and readers who enjoy non-stop intrigue and action from the first to the very last page.

R.H. Nichols studied Philosophy and Psychology at Edinburgh University. He was a businessman for several years before turning his hand to writing. He is married, in his fifties, and lives in Mexico. He enjoys watching rugby and visiting battlefields. He hates crossword puzzles.

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