Legionnaire From Texas by Gordon Landsborough

The Second World War is over but for a mercenary the fight never ends. The French Foreign Legion are tackling insurgency in colonial North Africa.

Battling in the blazing heat of the Sahara against rebel Arab forces, there comes a time when men crack and desert.

Rolling with the meanest fighting force in the world is no easy task: too much brutality; too much of everlasting sun and life in a desolate waste can break a man.

The Texan deserted too. But not because he cracked.

Le Legionnaire “Texas” had never belonged in the French Foreign Legion.

He wasn’t an outcast, he wasn’t a failure and he’d never been a fool for a woman, so why had he joined the meanest fighting force on earth under a mysterious alias?

In the sandy wilderness, the last thing Tex’ expected was to run into a beautiful, blue-eyed New York newspaper reporter crossing the desert disguised as an Arab woman.

Although for different reasons, the two strangers will soon discover that they have a shared purpose in this blood-stained wasteland. After a long time searching, Captain Herman Sturmer is finally in their sights.

By joining with his compatriot and leaving the Foreign Legion behind, Tex’ can finally achieve what he really came to the desert for and bring Captain Sturmer, the villainous ex-Nazi general, to justice.

But in deserting he will be committing the legionnaires ultimate crime.

Le Legionnaire Texas, along with a band of fellow renegade comrades, must contend with the partizans, ferocious bounty hunters who rove the Sahara, thirsty for the blood of traitors to the legion.
In his struggle to survive Tex will finally come face-to-face with Stumer and a long-awaited chance to avenge.

Legionnaire From Texas is the first in the Texan Legionnaire series.

Gordon Holmes Landsborough (1913 – 1983) was an English publisher, author and bookseller. He worked with various publishers and even set up his own publishing business at the forefront on change in the paperback publishing and bookselling industry. Other works by him include Benghazi Breakout (1966), Long Run to Tobruk (1975), The Dead Commando (1976) and many more.

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