Laws of the Spirit by Tina Olsen

Can justice be served?

Scarlett Parker is a lawyer with the Great River, Montana, Public Defender’s Office.

When she gets assigned to defend a young Crow man involved in a triple homicide, she has no idea the toll the case will take on her before it is over.

Theodore ’Teddy’ Thunder Head has not had an easy life. Growing up with an alcoholic father and the victim of unspeakable abuse, he is a good kid at heart who makes bad choices.

One night after a few drinks his Uncle Denton talks Teddy and his younger brother Cory into robbing the local liquor store, saying it would be easy money.

Nineteen year old Teddy has a young wife, Jackie, and dreams of escaping the reservation, so in a drunken state he takes part in the foolish plan.

But things go terribly wrong, leaving the clerk, a young mother and a six year old girl dead.

From the start Scarlett, who lives and breathes her job, sees the good in Teddy.

She knows she can’t get him off, but she is hoping she can spare him from a lethal injection.

Working tirelessly with her assistant Britt, Scarlett does everything she can to help Teddy, even as Teddy’s father in law, Jeb Darkwolf, who hates Teddy and his family, threatens her at every step.

But Scarlett is strong, dedicated, and good at what she does. If anyone can save Teddy, it’s her.

But as she fights for Teddy, she worries about her own teenage daughter, often left alone while she works, and wonders why she couldn’t have saved her own husband years earlier.

But sometimes people are broken beyond repair, and sometimes justice can’t be served…

Tina Olson is a lawyer and writer who lives with her family in the American West, where she draws inspiration from the small towns, back roads,mountains,and always the big sky. When not lawyering or writing,she watches a lot of soccer (football)–not a relaxing hobby, since her son is a goalkeeper.


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