Jet Race by James Broom-Lynne

Millionaire aviation pioneer Sir Arthur Todd’s unorthodox dying wish is for a jet race around the world to be held in his honour. 

No easy feat when protocols and airspace differ from one continent to another.

With preparations for the race in progress, top pilots from around the globe offer to fly their own planes in the race. The winning prize is compiled of cash, a trophy and a glorious old baling-wire airplane. But more importantly, the race entrants are looking for the chance to prove themselves in the ultimate aviation challenge.

An opportunity for those with more sinister motives also presents itself. But there are leaks – and the police are investigating. Airport to airport, each plane is checked and searched … including the pilots.

One of these planes is carrying something illegal and it is up to the authorities to find it before it reaches its intended destination. But with some planes landing, refuelling and taking off within fifteen minutes, will police manage to intervene?

Other than the tempestuous weather, the pilots face other unpredictable obstacles and one by one planes drop out of the race. The police are closing in…

But there is more to Sir Todd’s legacy than first meets the eye. Frank Skinner, a journalist, claims to be writing a book about him. His leads take him deep into Sir Todd’s past and Skinner locates and interviews his two ex-wives … with interesting consequences.

Annie Jefferson would kill Skinner if she could. His digging could unearth a past she has worked hard to keep buried … with her son, Lew, in the race, the last thing she needs is Skinner provoking her. She can tell he knows more than he’s letting on. Is he waiting for her to crack?

As the race continues, the remaining pilots up the ante … who will be crowned the winner?

About the author…

James Broom-Lynne, a freelance graphic designer, playwright and novelist, was born in England in October 1916. He served with the Civil Defence before becoming an art director. He attended St. Martin’s School of Art in London and was married with four children. His other novels include The Wednesday VisitorsThe Colonel’s War and Verdict. He died in December 1995.

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