After the Ides by Peter Tonkin

There is more blood to be spilt…

Rome, first century AD and the city is in political and civil turmoil following the murder of Julius Caesar, (now posthumously elevated to the title of Divus Julius).

Mark Antony, Divus Julius’ loyal co-consul and friend, is baying for blood, and for the heads of those of the scheming senators responsible for the murder, to display on spikes in the Forum of Rome.

But who to go for first? Which of the twenty-plus conspirators struck the first blow? Instigated the attack? Manipulated the situation to facilitate the crime?

What of Divus Julius’ dying words which implied that one of the attackers was actually his own son and therefore guilty of the worst crime possible… patricide?

Once again, Antony calls upon his contubernium of spies, his military intelligence unit, led by Centurion Iacomus Artemidorus, code-named ‘Septem’, to turn his vengeful intent into an unforgiving, carefully planned campaign.

But Antony’s path is not clear. Senator Cicero wants him out of the way, and there is friction with Divus Julius’ heir Octavius, despite their mutual desire to hunt down Divus Julius’ killers.

As Antony is reluctantly forced into war against Divus Julius’ murderers, and the Senate which supports them, the story follows Artemidorus’ mission, as he travels from Rome into the far reaches of her empire bringing back one head after another.

This historical thriller follows on from The Ides but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone.

Peter Tonkin was born in Northern Ireland, and was raised in the UK, Holland, Germany, and the Persian Gulf. He has written thirty novels including the Richard Mariner Series.

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