The House of Lords by John Wells

For centuries, the House of Lords has provoked blind adoration, blind rage and often public merriment.

Acclaimed writer, actor and man of the theatre John Wells now tells the entertaining story of this extraordinary institution from its dramatic past to the modern political arena where its importance is once again in question.

This is a history of the House of Lords, from its inception in Anglo-Saxon times, through Henry VIII, the Civil War, the Commonwealth to the 1960s.

Both entertaining and instructive, THE HOUSE OF LORDS is a fascinating and delightful work of history.

John Wells (1936–98) was a founder-editor of Private Eye in which he wrote with Richard Ingrams two long-running political satires, Mrs Wilson’s Diary and The Dear Bill Letters. He contributed sketches to That Was The Week That Was and was a columnist on The Spectator. His books included The Exploding Present, Masterpieces, Princess Caraboo: Her True Storyand Rude Words, a history of the London Library.

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