The Game of Treachery by Christopher Nicole

The de Gruchys were famous for their wine. Once rich, they owned half the south bank of a French river. Now, with the war on, they were left with nothing. Nothing but the power their daughter held…

The three de Gruchy sisters were beautiful and showed their wealth, regardless of the situation they found themselves in. But Madeleine de Gruchy betrayed them all by marrying a German. With Madeleine shifting over to the ‘other side’ the family disowned her. Was there something she could do to gain their trust again?

Amalie de Gruchy, the youngest of the sisters, was married to a Jewish man, but their married life barely lasted ten minutes. Overcoming the trauma, Amalie falls into the ways of her eldest sister, Liane.

Liane de Gruchy was a law unto herself. Her private life was one they were all best not knowing. To those who knew of her private life, she was terrifying… but not to James.

James approaches the Gruchys with the plans of his operation … to save the lives of fallen pilots. He needs to set up an escape route, preferably through France. The challenge was to ensure no clashes with the authorities. He needs the help of the Gruchys!

Liane de Gruchy is known to the Germans as the ringleader of a gang of bandits. Her track record in France puts her down as one of the most notorious, cunning assassins of all time, and she is wanted for the murder of the Herr General’s colleagues. With the German’s eager to capture Liane, they arrest her parents, Albert and Barbara de Gruchy, hoping to flush out Amalie and Liane.

As the operation unfolds, Liane finds herself in Paris. The city where she is considered the most wanted woman. But her clever disguise is enough to fool the authorities … but for how long?

With a German spy in their midst and one of their own becoming a German spy, the operation gets deadlier… Vichy is the only place they are safe… for a while…

Christopher Nicole’s novels have been read by millions all over the world. From Severn House, his McGann Family Chronicles concluded with Raging Sea, Searing Sky and The Passion and The Glory, whilst more recent publications have included The Triumph, Dragon’s Blood and The Command.

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