Fugitive’s Road by Angus MacVicar

Peter Campbell, a reasonably unassuming man, who had grown up in South Africa, is taking his Bentley for a drive around the picturesque Scottish countryside when he spots a young lady, seemingly in need of help…

After driving her to the bank, he waits to make sure she isn’t stranded, only to hear gunfire…

Soon, the woman and two burly, masked robbers come hurtling out of the bank and into his car.

Peter soon realises he’s become an accomplice to a bank robbery, and by the sounds of it, murder!

Directed by the two male thugs, things don’t go so smoothly and the car ends up in a ditch.

Bloody, disorientated and in fear of the looming sirens, Peter has no idea what to do.

Should he turn himself in?

Or should he run?

He finds an envelope left by the robbers addressed to a Mr Andrew McLeish – perhaps this man is the key to clearing his name…

It soon becomes apparent, while listening to radio and reading that papers, that Peter is the prime suspect and the ostentatious Bentley was easily traced back to him.

On the run from the law, Peter’s only choice is to find Andrew McLeish, but who can he trust?

Fugitive is a gripping thriller, filled with twists and turns.

Angus MacVicar was a Scottish writer specialising in crime thrillers, young adult and autobiography. His other books include The Singing Spider, The Ten Green Brothers and Crime’s Masquerader.

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