Foreign Assignment by Sydney J. Bounds

In the unstable Congo region of Africa, the state of Katanga is an oasis of calm. 

President Tshombe and his government are united; the country’s mines and industries supply the West with copper and uranium.

But others, who stand to benefit if the government go under, have plans to assassinate the President.

Meanwhile, Detective Simon Brand must prevent the assassination and root out the men behind the plot — and he has just seventy-two hours in which to do it . . .

About the author…

Sydney J. Bounds was an English author who wrote over forty novels and scores of short stories, embracing science fiction, Westerns and detective stories. Born in November 1920, Bounds lived most of his life in Kingston upon Thames. Unmarried, he died in May 2006. His memory is honoured by the “Best Newcomer—the Sydney J. Bounds Award” given annually by the British Fantasy Society.

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