Flower of the Forest by Desiree Meyler

A novel of the battlefields of France.

In 1916 David Ransom left his home in Vermont to fight for the British Army in the green fields of France. But while he waited for his family to join him in England, he fell in love with Polly, the warm-hearted Yorkshire rose who was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

But by the following year he was fighting in the front line, while all around him his young contemporaries were cut down like spring corn – and Polly was working in a French field hospital, tormented by thoughts of another man . . .

Flower of the Forest is the epic story of young people caught up in the nightmare of war, of the love they share – and the dreams of peace that enable them to endure.

Désirée Meyler was born into a Pembrokeshire family in west Wales. While studying at the School of Art, Cambridge, alongside fellow student Ronald Searle in the late 1930s, she decided to change direction and became a prolific short story writer following the outbreak of War. Her first novel, The Quiet Rebel was published in 1970.

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