The Final Terror by James Adams

So few will cause so many terrible, agonising deaths…

It’s early July 1991; the world is adapting to the ever-changing technology and new ways to capture criminals and terrorists are emerging from this shift.

But it’s not only the law and the men and women behind it that are growing more sophisticated.

In Yemen, a historic meeting between different terrorist factions has taken place. They all want the same thing: homeland for Palestine.

A new man had caught their interest – Abu Hassan who has an ingenious and horrible plan to reach such ends.

A plan that is meant to inflict a lasting terror on the West.

Hassan knows where it will hurt most; in their stomachs and in their wallets.

Buy shares on the market of Kola stock through various aliases; and then poison the very same product with thallium.

They’ll make a literally killing off the West. And if it goes right, Israel will be forced to compromise with Palestine.

With their plan already in motion, it’s not too soon before the first people start horrifically dying.

Bob Gearheart was employed as a CIA Analyst; despite a successful raid in which a terrorist was caught, his more than illegal methods didn’t please the CIA Director.

However, as more and more people are dying for and the CIA have little in the way of leads, Gearheart is called back into the fray.

Gearheart knows that if they’re evolving, than so must the terrorists; in his mind, he knows there’s something worse planned than poisoning.

He had no evidence, but it strikes him as odd that the terrorists have not asked for ransom money.

What if the terrorists are also trying to profit off their own success?

It’s his only lead and when someone is sent to assassinate him, he knows he’s on the right trail.

But it’s a long and bloody trail; every track covered by a vast network of terrorist organisations – spanning from Palestine, West Germany and even America.

With time running out and the death toll rising, can Gearheart put a stop to this waking nightmare, the Final Terror ?

Rich in detail, The Final Terror is a thrilling and suspenseful novel, with a premise that is sure to chill any reader to the bone.

James Adams is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading experts on intelligence, covert warfare and terrorism and has written 15 bestselling books around those subjects. He was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England and now lives in Ashland, Oregon. He worked at The London Sunday Times as both the Defense Correspondent and Managing Editor. He then became CEO of United Press International, founded a cyber intelligence company and a virtual intelligence agency. He was on the Board of the National Security Agency where he was responsible for creating a new strategic plan for Signals Intelligence and he was also Chairman of the Technology Advisory Panel to oversee NSA’s multi-billion dollar investment in new technology.

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