Fatal Consequences by Paul Sinclair

The past will always catch up with you…

When his wife is viciously stabbed outside their home, PJ – an up and coming Miami banker – is forced to take a loan from his wife’s wealthy Italian cousin, Marco, to pay for burgeoning medical bills.

But what he doesn’t realise is that Marco is connected to the Mafia.

PJ soon discovers that his boss, Chuck, is fraudulently transferring millions of dollars of clients’ money to the Bahamas using PJ’s credentials to do so and he has been set up as the fall guy.

When Chuck is brutally murdered, PJ finds himself implicated in both crimes.

As the FBI’s investigation intensifies and pressure from Marco to repay the loan grows, PJ panics, abandons his family, flees the country and goes dark.

Three years later, in London, the writer Grant Perkins meets American film producer Dean Peters, and is intrigued by his sad story of love and betrayal, and senses a potential story.

But the more involved he becomes with Dean the more he realises he’s being taken for a ride.

Things just don’t add up and when Dean suddenly absconds to the South of France, Grant and his journalist friend Francesca uncover the full extent of his chequered past.

Who is Dean Peters and why are both the FBI and the Mafia so desperate to track him down?

One thing’s certain, there will be Fatal Consequences for anyone involved…

Paul Sinclair is a British scriptwriter and filmmaker. He began his career as a freelance film editor for the BBC and UK production companies. He later became an independent producer/director, developing and producing TV documentaries, commercials, corporates and feature film projects. Fatal Consequences is his debut crime novel.

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