Due Diligence by D. J. Harrison

It’s a dirty business where dirty money is concerned.

Jenny Parker is a young mum making ends meet with a firm of accountants in Manchester. She is a smart cookie and is rewarded an unexpected £20,000 ‘thank you’ from a client for smoothing the way on a due diligence assignment to clinch a deal. At the same time Jenny’s lover Martin, a partner at the accountancy practice, goes missing. When he turns up dead, Jenny thinks that keeping her secret and hiding her grief are her biggest problems. Just how naive can some people be?

Deception, bribery and violence suddenly send Jenny’s life whirling sickeningly out of control. She quickly finds herself on the wrong side of the law. She suffers grossly when sentenced to serve time. Self-preservation inside only earns her more black marks on her record.

Facing the loss of her home, her child, and her career, will Jenny be able to get herself back on track? Or is she set on a fatal collision course with the shadowy forces behind Martin’s death? Will her new security guard friends be able to flex enough muscle to protect her?

It’s a dirty business where dirty money is concerned. Dirty dealings in the boardroom and chicanery in the world of motorsports provide an intriguing background to this fast-paced and ingenious thriller.

Due Diligence is a high-octane race for survival in the company of a spirited young woman who discovers hidden reserves of talent when the going gets tough.

D J Harrison lists his occupations as scientist, businessman and writer, ‘not always in that order’. He lives in Lancashire with his wife Anne Marie and has four children. He is an active member of Chorley & District Writers’ Circle and blogs as Northern Writer. Among his influences are Kurt Vonnegut, Raymond Chandler, and Bob Dylan. Due Diligence is the first book of four in his Jenny Parker novel series.

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