The Domino Principle by Adam Kennedy

A prison break out like no other…

Roy Tucker has been a down and out for most his life. Abandoned as child by his father, Roy has been a criminal for as long as he can remember.

For a brief while, his stint in the army looked like he might’ve turned over a new leaf…

But now he’s in prison on a murder charge. Twenty years in maximum security, at the very least.

For five years, he’s been a model prisoner – even becoming the prison’s carpenter.

All he has for company is his cellmate, Oscar Spiventa. Roy stopped writing his wife long ago and his sister, Enid, wants nothing to do with him.

For Roy, being alone is a punishment.

One day, he’s summoned to the Warden’s office: a job of putting up shelves in the prison’s conference room.

But when Roy is taken to the conference room, he meets Mr Tagge, a man representing people ‘interested in his situation’.

If Roy helps them, they will help him. But what Roy has to help them with, Tagge won’t tell – or even, know.

The other man who comes to see him, a young, smug-looking man named Pine, isn’t any better.

Roy’s not all-together stupid. He knows that what he learnt in the army is of great value to this mysterious group of people.

He’s not going to be used by some shadowy group – particularly when there’s no guarantee that they’ll leave him alive after…

But when Tagge says they have his wife waiting for him, Roy knows they’ve got him.

Even after all these years, the idea of seeing Thelma again is too alluring to pass up.

The only catch for them is Roy’s demands to take Oscar with him.

So just like that he and Oscar walk out of prison.

And just like that, they shoot down Oscar in cold blood.

Realising that he’s swapped one prison for another, Roy can only try to outsmart both his rescuers and his captors.

But as the dominoes keep on falling around Roy, he is forced into something much larger than he could’ve ever imagined…

A nail-biting thriller, The Domino Principle is a suspenseful and chilling story of a man trying to outwit his own fate.

Adam Kennedy was an actor and author. His novel, The Domino Principle, was adapted into a film starring Gene Hackman in 1977.


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