A Dip Into Murder by Roger Ormerod

A body dipped in paint with his nose rubbed clean, thirty-seven tons of stolen steel, and a notorious assassin in town…

Elsa Mallin is a long way from her husband and she has something to prove when faced with this strange set of circumstances.

To her, the ageing assassin with an eye for the ladies is pathetic — but when his eye falls on Elsa herself, it is time to run.

But there are mysteries to solves here, and Elsa knows she has a part to play.

Too many people are relying on Elsa, including both the kidnap gang and the victims.

To get to the bottom of what’s going on, she’ll have to deal with a set of wild characters and the result becomes a question of survival….

A Dip Into Murderis an action-packed thriller filled with suspense to keep you gripped.

Roger Ormerod(1920-2005) was a prolific writer of ingenious and densely plotted crime novels – some 35 in all – which were published in the UK and the USA. He lived in Wolverhampton and amongst other things worked as a civil servant and as a Social Security inspector – backgrounds which he made full use of in his fiction, as he did with his hobbies of painting and photography.

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